End of life care

Please get in touch with us if you are coming close to the decision of having your pet euthanized, as you feel that their quality of life is no longer worth living.  We are very experienced and we will guide you with compassion and respect through this most difficult and emotional time.

You may want to set up an appointment to discuss your pet’s quality of life and receive guidance onto when is it the right time, as well as the options we have for the aftercare of your pet’s body.

Once the veterinarian arrives, the full procedure will be explained to you based on your interest and comfort level. Don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way—everything will be done at a pace that you and your pet dictate.

Unless it’s an extreme or urgent circumstance, a sedation injection will be given to your pet to ensure they’re comfortable. This way, the procedure is painless and peaceful.

Why in home euthanasia is a better option then a hospital euthanasia?

  • The ability to schedule your pet’s appointment at a time convenient for everyone
  • Allowing your pet to be in their own surroundings, where they are relaxed and less anxious
  • Allowing your pet to be in their favorite location, with familiar smells
  • Less stress for pets who are difficult to move
  • The presence of other household pets, which can allow faster healing after the loss of their friend
  • Allowing more family members to be present than in a small veterinary office
  • The ability to bury your pet, if desired, without difficult transportation issues
  • The ability to grieve for your pet in peace

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