For a successful visit

We strive to make the home visits a pleasant and timely experience for you and your pet. We have lots of experience with home visits and we encourage you to follow these guidelines for the best outcome.

Let us know ahead of time if your pet is very anxious, fearful of strangers or aggressive. These traits of character become apparent quickly anyway, and by knowing in advance, we can prepare and possibly dispense medication to comfort and relax your pet ahead of time.

When scheduling the appointment, let us know how many pets you will need examined and treated and a rough idea of what the concerns are for each of them. This assists us immensely in scheduling our day and alloting the right amount of time for you. We never want you to feel rushed or interrupted so we will schedule accordingly.

Upon arrival, if at all possible, we would like to park as close to your home or the pet's location, as we have to carry a lot of equipment along. Please have the dogs on a leash and the cats secured in a small bathroom or a cat carrier. We will need a few minutes to set up for the exam. Even friendly cats will usually hide under the bed or the couch at this point so it is far better if they are already in a secure location as perceived by them. From experience, we also know that occasionally dogs and cats will take every opportunity to escape through the open entrance door, open windows, damaged screened in porches, etc. This is another reason we strongly encourage you to have dogs on a leash and the cats in a small, secure, confined location.

Please have as much as possible distractions (like loud music or TV) to a minimum. We welcome kids watching but we will need depending on the situation to keep them at a safe distance from us doing the required procedures on your pet.

For the exam, we appreciate a counter top or a cleaned table for the examination of a small dog or cat, and for a large dog, we will need a cleared surface area. Light is very important. If we are performing an exam outside, we will need a covered or shaded surface to shelter the pet and us from the weather elements and a dry and clean surface to allow for the needed hygiene for a vet exam.

Prices and payment - we will be happy to provide you with an estimate prior to the visit, either by phone or email. We will need to know the location, number of pets to be treated and an indication of the concern.

We prefer cards, cash or cheques as payment. Payment is due when services are rendered. If you however prefer the online route, please provide payment within 3 working days of services rendered. For medicine delivery, especially when nobody is at home to receive the products in hand, we will require a payment ahead of time, which can be easily done over the phone as well.