About us

Dr. Andreea Sleahtenea

Dr. Andreea Sleahtenea is a vet with 17 years of clinical experience and 13 of those were acquired in the Cayman Islands, having worked in the busiest small animal clinic on the island, for almost a decade and then 3 additional years in another mobile veterinary practice.

Dr. Andreea aims to provide a compassionate, efficient and hassle free service for non-emergency procedures that are commonly needed in the life of our companions.

In her spare time, Dr. Andreea enjoys the company of her daughter and is a keen gardener, quiz and movie enthusiast.

Dr. Bronwyn Orford

Dr Bronwyn Orford is a passionate South African Veterinary graduate. She has gained hands-on experience with a broad range of animals ranging from penguins to wild elephants and everything in between.

With her love and compassion for all animals, supported by her knowledge and diverse training, Bronwyn aims to provide nothing but the best care for your pets.

Dr. Bronwyn has gained most of her clinical experience in small animal private and charity practices in the UK, South Africa, India and most recently here in the Cayman Islands where she has worked tirelessly to help improve the health and lives of so many homeless animals on Island.

In her spare time, Dr. Bronwyn enjoys scuba diving, playing sports, spending time with friends and family and recuperating with a good cup of coffee, a cuddly cat and a good book.

Alan Gordon

British born Alan, also known as Flash, spent his 20s as a Marine Biologist and Dive Captain in Thailand before packing his dog, The Sadie Pup, and coming over to Grand Cayman where he continued his underwater adventures!

The pandemic helped him focus on volunteering at local animal charities and began studying towards his Veterinary Nursing qualifications.

He has a unique, gentle way with animals and he is exactly whom you’d want holding your fur babies whilst they’re being examined.

Likes Tottenham Hotspur, football, fishing, volleyball and walking on the beach with the Sadie Pup.

Nicole Visagie

Nicole qualified in 2018 from a four-year course in BSC Veterinary Physiotherapy in South Africa. In 2019, Nicole set up her own Mobile Veterinary Physiotherapy practice in Namibia, where she grew up, before moving to Jersey, Channel Islands, where she worked as a Veterinary Physiotherapist at a large Veterinary Hospital for 2 years. She moved to the Cayman Islands in June 2021 and worked at Cay 9 Resort & Spa as the first veterinary physiotherapist on the island before joining My Home Vet.

Nicole has experience in post-operative rehabilitation, weight management, fitness and maintenance of athletes, management of old and arthritic patients, soft tissue injury rehabilitation and post-operative and conservative management of neurological patients. She mainly works with dogs, cats and horses but has worked with other species such as cows, chickens and iguanas!

In her spare time Nicole enjoys horse riding, running and spending time with her pets, Bay and Chloe.

Sage Costa

Sage is a multi-generational Caymanian that has joined our team in May 2023 as an animal care assistant.

She is committed to continue her education to one day become a veterinary nurse and has her own multi-pet household as well as experience in dealing with horses.

She is caring and compassionate and will make your pets very safe and cuddled during our visits!