We offer a wide range of exams, from wellness exams, brief check ups, new to the island pets, skin and ear check ups, geriatric care and palliative support.

Puppy & kitten first visit check ups

Done right at home, the initial set of vaccinations for your new puppy and kitten are the safest way to do it in this initial period where your pup is best kept isolated until the full set of vaccinations is completed to prevent infectious diseases. We also work with breeders to minimize the stress of transporting the full litter of pups to a hospital and back.

Yearly check ups

It is highly recommended that a pet sees a veterinarian at least once a year. Preventative care is hugely important, a thorough exam, weight monitoring, lumps and bumps as well as vaccination updates, all tailored to your pet's specific needs and lifestyle

In house tests

Easily done on the spot, right in your home, tests such as heartworm tests for dogs, feline leukemia and FIV tests for cats


We use Datamars microchips which are internationally accepted for travelling

Exit exams

We commonly assist with exit exams done to the US, Canada and UK and with reasonable notice we can assist with other destinations as well. Please fill up the travel form and contact the Agriculture Department as using this email address CI.AgricultureVS@gov,ky

Bandage and wound care

We can assist with bandage or cast changes as needed, ideally in coordination with a hospital as likely a series of repeat radiographs will be needed to monitor the healing progress of a fracture.

Home treatment

Following a hospital discharge, you may need assistance continuing the treatment at home, and we work closely with the referring veterinarian to administer the medication, repeat bloodwork, monitor the surgical site, and as needed

Anal glands express

Those smelly glands sometimes need a little hand to get expressed and make your pet feel better

Nail trimming and medical grooming

Dental assessment

Minor surgery

Wound repair and small lump removal

Nutritional consultation

We can advise you on a suitable diet, amount of food suitable for your pet's needs, as well as collaborate with a nutritionist if you want to feed a homemade diet

Veterinary supplies

We deliver a wide range of medications right at your doorstep. Please email us at and we will be happy to get this sorted for you with minimal waiting time.

Palliative care

Pain relief during the final stage of life


Done at home, we insure a peaceful and intimate moment at this very hard time


Physiotherapy can be used to assist in post-operative recovery as it can help to prevent compensatory pain and speed up recovery following surgery